Sierra Helicopters not only conducts fire fighting services but we also provide support to many other forestry industries.  Our experience includes, but isn't limited to, logging support, tree planting, and wildlife surveying.  Our pilots are trained and experienced with external loads.  With our diverse fleet, we can offer up to 2200 Lbs external load capacity.


With over 20 years of lidar experience in BC and Western Canada, our pilots come with first hand knowledge of what is expected.  Our aircraft are all hard wired for lidar systems and are ready to go at a moments notice.  Whether you are looking for cost effective or high performance for low-level flying in built up areas, we have the equipment you need.  


With our base being situated in Pitt Meadows, we are able to quickly and efficiently service cell towers and radio repeaters.  We can provide support in the form of crew moves,  equipment transportation, and external loads to bring in and set up equipment on site. 


Sierra Helicopters has the ability to aid in disaster relief.  We can quickly deploy crews and equipment to disaster areas to aid in the clean-up and protection of people, property and the environment.