Sierra Helicopters is committed to the safety of our clients and employees as well as minimizing our environmental impact.  We are accredited provincially and federally as a reliable service provider and are regularly used by FortisBC and BC Hydro where aerial operations are necessary.   We have a implemented a Safety Management System (SMS) to accomplish our goals, and have made this system an integral part of our everyday operations.  Our SMS has been well received by industry auditors and is the basis to our BC Forestry SAFE certification.  

The SAFE certification means that the BC Forestry safety council and WorkSafeBC have deemed that we have an effective health and safety program in place. We also participate in, and maintain through yearly audits, the WorkSafeBC Certificate of Recognition program.  At Sierra Helicopters, we strive to continue to  have one the very best safety programs in the province by investing in our SMS program.  We have had zero accidents since the inception of our company in 2003.    We will continue to asses the hazards, evaluate risks and implement any controls and policies necessary to mitigate those risks. 

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